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Horse Shoes

March 18, 2011 @ 12:00 am | Categories fashion fail

Oftentimes, Im thankful that I live in a country where fashion is quite conservative. Because like in Britain, theres a rather odd style thats becoming a trend now, the Horse Hooves Shoes.

As released, these shoes where intended to be worn for the Cheltenham Festival (a national horse race event) with a price of £1,300 per pair (92,000 pesos), all the proceeds will go to charity.

LOL at the guy. Watchathink? Are you ready for other styles like Elephant shoes? Chicken Shoes? Ako I dont like, Id rather wear Crocs.

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Swimwear Cover Ups

March 16, 2011 @ 12:00 am | Categories brands, fashion

You have no idea how much Ive been trying to lose weight lately just to reduce my stomach fat, syempre, its bikini season na. But since I only have few weeks left before my summer getaways (at dahil masarap kumain), I think I just have to stick on wearing cover ups to conceal my flabs instead of starving myself.

Im currently in search for the perfect cover up, and for everyones reference, here are my picks.


Stitch from People Are People 499.00 php

ZARA TRF1390.00 php

See-Through Swimwear

Wetshop 1099.75 php

Plain Dress

Forever 21 435.00 php

Handkerchief Cover Up

Coco Cabaña 699.75 php

Loose Shirt

Zara TRF 1390.00 php

For Plus Size Girls

Forever 21 1275.00 php

Tie Front Cover Up

Coco Cabaña 449.75 php

Butterfly Sleeves

Forever 21 915.00 php

So if you want to be fashionable at the beach, umpisahan nang maghanap hanap ng trendy coverup dahil hindi na uso ang white tshirt on bathing suit. Jeje.

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Para sa mga Tubero

March 12, 2011 @ 12:00 am | Categories pinoy jologs culture

Para sa National Plumbers Association o kung meron mang ganyang asosasyon

Please lang, paghiwa-hiwalayin nyo naman ang advertisement nyong mga tubero dahil nalilito ako kung sinong dapat tawagan. Si Tubero John ba? Si Tubero Ton o Tubero Sammy? Hindi to magandang marketing strategy para sa inyo, masyadong mahigpit ang kumpetisyon.

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March 9, 2011 @ 1:00 pm | Categories dear sosyalera

hi leyn. ive been keeping a pair of vintage brogues and since its considered in nowadays, can i ask for suggestions on what kind of outfits would go well with brogues? thanks so much and more power to your blog!


Dear veebee,

I have to assume youre a girl so I can answer this correctly

Brogues (pronounced as browgs) are classic low-heeled shoes that usually have decorative perforations or holes on its leather surface. Youre right, brogues are really in trend now, and if youre a flats person whos allergic to girly shoes, brogues can be your friendly pair that can replace your sneakers. The key is to counterbalance the boyish feel of brogues. Aside from the shorts and t-shirt outfit, you can wear brogues with other styles like the following

(read more of Brogues)

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