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Shopping Trivias

November 4, 2010 @ 12:00 am | Categories fashion

Its a fact that women love shopping. For me, its a worthwhile therapy than having a massage or foot spa. I know people who visit this blog also love shopping, so here are interesting facts about it.

  • Women that shop for clothing feel better than those who buy kitchenware and house goods.
  • Women who do window shopping for over 17 hours a week and spend more are slimmer and healthier than those who spend less time in stores and spend less money.
  • Women think about shopping as often as men think about sex. 74 % of women admit they think about shopping every minute.
  • Shopaholics have fewer wrinkles and feel much younger than those who dislike shopping.
  • Majority of women who love shopping are more confident and less often suffer from depression.
  • Girls who do shopping a few times a week are usually in a better mood than ladies who shop only weekends for buying things.
  • During a lifetime a woman spends 25 days 184 hours 53 minutes for shopping.
  • A woman spends just window shopping around 48 hours 51 minutes a year!
  • Women spend more money for clothing for vacation that for vacation itself. Im a bit guilty about this.
  • Jeans, t-shirts and women’s tops are the best-selling items than bags and shoes.

Do you agree?

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Lose/Gain Weight

October 31, 2010 @ 12:00 am | Categories beauty & wellness, random question

Random Question of the Day:

Have you ever been intrigued with the real score behind ads like this?

You might have already encountered these lose/gain weight ads at public restrooms and jeepneys. This is tempting for people who have weight issues but think again. No exercise? No skipping of meals?

Offers like this are actually nutritional programs. Some businesses offer weight loss/gain programs with protein shakes and tablets. Youre not even required to change your food diet or do a lot of exercise but you need to take the pills as part of the program. So basically, its just another marketing strategy for you to buy specific products from these anonymous advertisers. If youre willing to take the risk of depending your diet in taking tablets, please do a lot of research before giving in.

At pano ko nalaman? Tinext ko kasi yung number. Haha. Chos.

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Most Pirated Fashion Brands

October 26, 2010 @ 12:00 am | Categories brands, pinoy jologs culture

Everything gets pirated now and pirated things are now everywhere. Sa divisoria, tiangge, mga bangketa and even online. Kahit nga kaibigan mo sa Facebook ay tina-tag ka sa mga binebenta nilang pirated na make-up at damit. Lol. Personally speaking, I am not a fan of pirated brands or replicas as mentioned on some older posts. Though I know some people buy them unintentionally just because of the cheap price and availability. Here are the most pirated brands this season. (Dahil ang mga namimirata ay nakiki-uso din.)

Louis Vuitton anything LV should be on the top of the list. Kahit saang bangketa ka yata pumunta ay hindi mawawala ang kahit anong pekeng Louis Vuitton; mapa-wallet, bag o kahit housing ng cellphone.

Havaianas from Havanas to Hawaianas and other derivations.

Crocs - even the ugliest shoes on earth get pirated.

Le Sportsac - you might not like the funky patterns and coloful prints so some of you might think the bags are actually cheap. Le Sportsac replicas are sold in Divisoria for 100 pesos and the original bags cost a thousand in Rustans.

D&G Belt the bigger the D&G buckle, the better.

Lacoste Shirt someone already asked me how to spot a fake Lacoste shirt. Simple lang gawa sa mother of pearls ang collar buttons ng original shirt at obviously, hindi sya 300 pesos.

Chanel Shades kahanay din sya ng mga pekeng Oakley at RayBen.

Calvin Klein Brief - 3 for 100 na brief.

Converse Chucks - ang pambansang sapatos ng mga emo. Kung original Converse ang suot mo, isa kang sosyal na emo. Kung peke, edi dukhang emo. Wenk.

Some replicate brands were made that good you cant even distinguish if theyre fake or not. Not because a designer bag costs 10k on an online store, it doesnt mean its original na. The best way to avoid knock-offs is to still buy at authentic stores and do a little research on the real prices. Pero pag sobrang halata na ang pagka-fake at binili mo parin, ewan ko nalang sayo

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Tummy Flattering Tops

October 22, 2010 @ 12:00 am | Categories dear sosyalera

Hi Miss Leyn,

I found your blog just a few days ago ng mag-search ako ng fashion tips for fat girls and sa lahat ng blog na nakita ko ay ang blog niyo lang ang helpful talaga. still meron pa rin po akong mga questions na gusto ko sanang itanong and i finally had the guts to email you hopefully you will help me with my fashion problem.

Im Fat (over weight not just chubby) 38 inches ang size ng beywang ko and im 5 ft 4 inches tall. Im 18 yrs old. My real problem is my BIG TUMMY kasi maliit naman po ang braso at mga binti ko. hindi ko po alam kung paano ko siya itatago. i always wear a black T-shirt and maong pants and thats all, no accesories and such.

But i want to change my self bago sana mag tapos ang year na ito. I want a new me and a new start. so sana matulungan nyo ako with a little fashion help. thank you! Godbless and take care!


Dear Sian,

The fact that youre starting to search for fashion tips is a good sign that you want to improve your lifestyle and clothing. Well I have to be honest but based on your description, it will take time for you to get slimmer. So instead of trying hard to hide your bulges even though theyre still obvious, as of now, just try to improve the plus size clothes you wear. Theres nothing wrong if you still wear jeans and black shirts because theyre recommended for your body type but now try to add flair on the clothes you’ll buy.

For example, the outfits shown above are better alternatives than wearing a large-sized boyish shirt and jeans. Your arms and legs are okay naman, so you just have to focus on the middle part of your body. I already mentioned some fashion tips for plus size girls on some of my entries but for you, here are my picks

(read more of Tummy Flattering Tops)

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