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Prom Fashion for Teachers

January 25, 2011 @ 1:00 am | Categories dear sosyalera

Hey there!

I know that you have already posted an article about possible outfits for the Prom. However, the outfits you suggested were for students. What about for teachers like me? Dressing up for a school event is hard for us because we have to look great without overshadowing the stars of the party the students. Thus, I am sure that your suggestions would be appreciated by the myriad of teachers in the country since the Prom season is about to begin.

Thank you and more power to you


Dear Sassy_Miss,

For a middle aged high school teacher, here are my suggestions:

Some teachers tend to be conservative, especially with their clothing, so they usually wear coverups like a shawl or blazer when wearing spaghetti straps or tubes. But blazers, jackets or coats are not for prom fashion so shift into wearing dresses with artsy sleeves instead

(read more of Prom Fashion for Teachers)

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LookBook | All Black

January 24, 2011 @ 12:00 am | Categories lookbook, photoshoot

Since Punk Fashion is in, sport an All Black outfit without looking too emo.

Thanks to my model RC.

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Walang Tawiran Nakamamatay

January 17, 2011 @ 3:00 pm | Categories pinoy jologs culture

Bakit kaya ang freaky na ng MMDA signs pero wala paring sumusunod?

Hindi kasi convincing ang pink

O diba, mas kagimbal-gimbal. I find those signboards funny that they have to come up with these kinds of warning messages just to threaten the jaywalkers. Kaso, likas na makulit ang pinoy. Sinabi na ngang may namatay na eh tumatawid parin. Kaya dapat may evolution ang signboards nila.

pag ayaw paring sumunod

pag pikon na ang MMDA


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JS Prom Gowns

January 14, 2011 @ 12:00 am | Categories fashion, tips & suggestions

Woah, Im currently piled up with e-mails asking advice for their JS prom dresses. Well, my fashion advice for prom fashion will be quite dainty and fab. Tutal, prom nights happen only twice in your lifetime. Why dont make it memorable and have a Cinderella type of make over? Kung sa palagay mo ay pangit ka sa buong school year, ngayong prom mo ay pabonggahin mo naman ang sarili mo kahit isang beses lang sa isang taon.

With the previous years, Ive been blogging about cocktail dresses as an option for prom dresses. Though if you want to be noticeable, wear a gown. If youre torn between the two styles, I am suggesting that you go for the long gown. I have a high school friend who shared her prom experience last year and told me she was a bit underdressed at the prom night. She thought wearing a cocktail dress and high heels is enough, unfortunately, nagmukha syang paparty sa bar.

There are hundreds or even thousands of designs to choose from. But basically, take in mind the following helpful tips and sample dresses:

Choose a straight long gown with simple sequins pattern. Youre attending a prom night, not Flores de Mayo.

Skinny girls usually don’t have much problem with dresses although consider a style that can give you the shape of an hour glass.

For plus size girls with bigger arms, please avoid the manang shawl. Instead, wear a gown with details on the chest part or shoulders if the gown has sleeves.

A straight flowing gown or empire cut is suggested for girls with pear-shaped body type. Dahil halos lahat ay tumaba from the holidays, these styles can hide your tummy flabs.

Classic colors that can make you look princess-y are peach, off white and baby pink. Sophisticated colors are black, royal blue, red or maroon.

Im not forcing you to wear an über formal gown but dont you think its better to look glamorous on your prom night rather than look underdressed? :)

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