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February 18, 2011 @ 12:00 am

How to Look Good in Pictures

People are getting vain lately. Halos lahat nalang yata ng gawin natin sa buhay ay naka-update sa Facebook at Twitter, as if everyone cares. Well bukod sa pag-post ng litratong kinain nyo nung dinner, mahilig tayong mag-update ng personal pictures kung saan mang lupalop ng internet. But life is unfair dahil hindi lahat ay maganda o gwapo at konti lang ang totoong marunong mag-Photoshop. So here are the usual editing tools used in Photoshop and how not to use them:

Healing Brush  = Apply Concealer

When I edit pictures from a photoshoot, I usually lighten some dark spots on the face. It has a big impact on the portrait and gives a brighter glow on the image. For those who dont know how to edit digitally, manually fix before you shoot. Apply foundation on these darker spots to even out your color under the eyes, under the lips, sides of the nose and laughlines.

Crop Tool = Mag-suot nalang nang Shades

Imbes na i-crop ang picture para tanggalin ang not-so-pretty parts, mag-shades ka nalang. Not just to cover those hopeless eyebags but choosing the right frame of the sunglasses can complement your face structure. Nagmumukha ding sosyal kapag nagsuot ka ng oversized shades. Lol.

Curves / Levels = Get the Right Light

Anong sikreto para magmukhang maputi? Find the light at 45 degrees angle towards you. Avoid taking pictures where the light or sun is just above your head. It will just show some shadows below your eyes and nose, nakakatanda tignan.

Liquify = Know your Angle

Please, hindi na po uso ang Friendster Pose na nasa taas ang camera. The more spontaneous you pose, the better. But knowing your angle can help make you look slimmer. Mag-side view ng konti sa camera and tilt your head to emphasize your cheekbones and chin pero wag masyadong pa-kyut. Photoshop can make you thinner in an instant but another way to do this is by looking tall and wearing the right clothes (please just backread my blog for fashion tips on how to look slimmer. LOL.)

Saturation = Mag-picture kung saan may Bumbilya

Yellow light makes us prettier. Mag-picture kung saan may bumbilya o kaya naman sa loob ng Starbucks (pero sana walang kasamang kape).

Tandaan na hindi lahat ng pagmumukha ay may pag-asa sa editing so its better to fix before you click. Huwag masyadong bibo sa photoshop para hindi ka ma-criticize tulad ng billboard ni Sharon.

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January 14, 2011 @ 12:00 am

JS Prom Gowns

Woah, Im currently piled up with e-mails asking advice for their JS prom dresses. Well, my fashion advice for prom fashion will be quite dainty and fab. Tutal, prom nights happen only twice in your lifetime. Why dont make it memorable and have a Cinderella type of make over? Kung sa palagay mo ay pangit ka sa buong school year, ngayong prom mo ay pabonggahin mo naman ang sarili mo kahit isang beses lang sa isang taon.

With the previous years, Ive been blogging about cocktail dresses as an option for prom dresses. Though if you want to be noticeable, wear a gown. If youre torn between the two styles, I am suggesting that you go for the long gown. I have a high school friend who shared her prom experience last year and told me she was a bit underdressed at the prom night. She thought wearing a cocktail dress and high heels is enough, unfortunately, nagmukha syang paparty sa bar.

There are hundreds or even thousands of designs to choose from. But basically, take in mind the following helpful tips and sample dresses:

Choose a straight long gown with simple sequins pattern. Youre attending a prom night, not Flores de Mayo.

Skinny girls usually don’t have much problem with dresses although consider a style that can give you the shape of an hour glass.

For plus size girls with bigger arms, please avoid the manang shawl. Instead, wear a gown with details on the chest part or shoulders if the gown has sleeves.

A straight flowing gown or empire cut is suggested for girls with pear-shaped body type. Dahil halos lahat ay tumaba from the holidays, these styles can hide your tummy flabs.

Classic colors that can make you look princess-y are peach, off white and baby pink. Sophisticated colors are black, royal blue, red or maroon.

Im not forcing you to wear an über formal gown but dont you think its better to look glamorous on your prom night rather than look underdressed? :)

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November 11, 2010 @ 12:00 am

What Men Think About Fashion

Naturally, women have more fashion sense than men. Most straight guys arent that conscious with fashion trends and clothing. Sa tingin nila, ang paglalagay ng deodorant ay sapat na para maging pogi. Us girls are more conscious with regards to clothing and style. We make sure to know the latest trends yet we can still manage to wear clothes that are practical and comfortable. But arent you curious with what men actually think about what we wear? Especially the latest fashions?

According to Mens Health magazine, blogs and remarks from my guy friends, just because a fashion is trendy, it doesnt mean that boys actually like it for girls:

Most guys dont appreciate head scarves. Kahit Hermes scarf pa yan, the price doesnt attract them.

Bold necklaces and bracelets are hip but men prefer fewer accessories like thin jewelries or a pair of pearl earrings.

About pants, men think that boyish trousers and high waist pants are more appropriate to be worn as office attire instead of wearing them during casual days. Of course theyd like to see girls in sexier bottoms like skinny or stretch jeans.

100 % of men like women in dresses or skirts. Dresses bring out the feminine side of a woman. Id recommend that girls should wear dresses on their first date. Only 25 % of men like maxi dresses. Siguro dahil mukhang daster.

Because tunics dont flatter a womans shape, only a few men like tunics.

Men prefer clothes with simpler or plain prints than bold patterns.

Guys are turned on with girls wearing the boyfriend shirt which is better paired off with mini shorts.

Obviously, most men like styles that are a bit sexy and womanly. Medyo turn off nga naman kung mas mukha ka pang lalaki sa boyfriend mo. Lol. These are just reminders for girls who want to dress up and impress their dates. But also remember that we have our unique style and fashion. Be yourself and your guy will like you. :D

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July 2, 2010 @ 12:00 am

Paano Banggitin ang Givenchy?

Magka-aminan na, sino sa inyo ang nagkakamali sa pag-pronounce ng mga designer names na mahirap ispellingin? Sa pagkakatanda ko, tinatawag kong Fen-Dai ang FENDI dati. Wahaha. Sa kagustuhan kong artehan ang pagtawag dito ay naging fail pa pala. Dont worry because even foreigners commit the same mistakes especially that we have different accents and reading methods. But just an FYI, here are some brands that are usually pronounced mistakenly and their right pronunciations:

  • Givenchy Jee-Vahn-Shee not Gee-Ven-Chee
  • Hermes Er-Mes and not Her-Mey or Her-Mes
  • Christian Louboutin thats Christian Loo-Vhoo-Tan at hindi Loo-Boo-Teen, ang bantot pakinggan kung ganyan.
  • Shu Eumura Shoo Ooy-Moo-Ra
  • Yves Saint Laurent isa pa to, lagi akong nagkakamali dito pero ang tama daw ay Eev-Sahnt-Lo-Ran
  • Christian Lacroix pronounced as Christian Lak-Wa as in like Lakwatya.
  • Margiela Mar-Zhey-La
  • Emilio Pucci it should be Poo-Chee not Poo-ki or Poo-see, if not pronounced right, magtutunog bastos. Lol.
  • Moschino - Mos-Kee-No and not Mo-Shee-No
  • Herve Leger - Er-Veh Ley-Jehr with a soft R on Leger. Haha. That was hard.
  • Balmain Bahl-Mahn with a soft N.
  • Lanvin - Lon-Vahn with soft N but I actually pronounce it as Lan-Veen because people might not get what Im talking about.
  • Guerlain - Ger-Lahn

I spelled the syllables as easy as I could. There are should be more on the list pero yan ang mga laging nasasabi ng mali. As I mentioned, even though you read them right, pwede ring mali ka parin because of the accent lalo na kung French yung brand. But at least its not bad to correct yourself not as bad as my Fen-Dai. LOL.

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