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March 29, 2012 @ 2:00 pm

Slimming Earrings? WTF!

Because browsing ensogo has now been a part of my daily life, Im quite amazed with some of the offers. I cant believe 175 people fell for this

Slimming earrings? Slimming toe rings? WTF! I wont be surprised if one day there will be Slimming band-aids. Lol.

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July 23, 2011 @ 12:00 am

Pocket Bac

hi ms. leyn!

matagal ko ng sinusubaybayan ang site niyo. ang kwela at informative kasi lalo na kng hindi mo alam ang isusuot mo. gusto ko lang malaman ang opinyon niyo sa mga hand sanitizers na nakasabit sa mga bags. iyong pocket bac by bath and body works iyong tatak. wala lang, ang weird kasi at hindi ko feel pero ang dami ko ng nakikitang ganon. iyon na ba ang uso? ang pangit naman kung ganun. ayun lang naman po. thanks!


Dear kat,


Lol. Kidding.

I personally dont like the Pocket Bac Sanitizer design but practically speaking, this innovation works. The one who thought of this might be thinking about the inconvenience of looking for that small bottle of sanitizer inside a huge bag; and the Pocket Bac was created to ease this problem. And because we are very much into trendy things, a lot of girls have been using this Pocket Bac thing already para nasa uso, at para mukhang OC. JEJE.

I have a couple of these Bath & Body hand sanitizers but I dont hang them on my bag. With their colorful designs, I dont think they complement my uber formal leather bags. If youre very much conscious about matching things like me, I suggest you only use Pocket Bacs with funky and canvas totes. Kaya ka siguro napapangitan kasi hindi naman kasi hindi maganda tignan gamitin sa lahat ng bag



O diba, parang tanga lang.

So if you dont feel like using the Pocket Bac, just stick to the old school Alcogel and ignore those Pocket Bac sellers who are tagging you on Facebook. Nyahaha.

Okay? Alright!

Love Lots,


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June 13, 2011 @ 5:00 pm

Havaianas Filipinas Collection

Fashion has become an avenue to express love for one’s country. As nationalism meets style, the Philippine archipelago, faces of former presidents, heroes, and other national icons are now widely used as designs to convey patriotic statements. And with more Filipinos around the world giving us reason to banner national pride, Havaianas is giving Havaianaticos another trendy option to showcase Philippine pride.

Since 2006, Havaianas has honored the Philippines’ rich and colorful culture with designs that embody the spirit of Filipino pride. This June, Havaianas joins the country as it celebrates its 113th year of independence with the release of this year’s Limited Edition Havaianas Filipinas Collection.

“This year’s Limited Edition Havaianas Filipinas Collection hopes to reflect happiness, carefree fashion, and good memories with the playful use of color and inventive patterns. These attitudes truly match the Filipino culture and even the brand’s cheery personality,” says Anne Gonzalez, Managing Director of Havaianas Philippines.

The Limited Edition 2011 Havaianas Filipinas Collection chose to play with the colors of the national flag. With the dazzling shades of blue, red, yellow, and white, fused with contemporary, street-graffiti prints, the result is a modern yet decidedly nationalistic fashion statement, letting all fashionable Havaianaticos walk as one.

Filipinos from Luzon can literally wear their heritage at their feet with Havaianas Filipinas Yellow, with the name “Luz” imprinted on its soles amid artistic splashes of red and blue. Meanwhile, Visayans can flaunt their nationalism loud and proud with Havaianas Filipinas Red. With intense red straps adorned with the same engraved flag and Havaianas logo, the name “Vis” is printed across its red soles, complemented with vibrant shades of blue and yellow. Those hailing from Mindanao can walk patriotically in Havaianas Filipinas Blue, with lively cobalt soles that feature the name “Min” accented with bright colors of red and yellow.

Each pair’s well-crafted strap carries a unique rendition of the Philippine flag engraved with “Pinas” next to the distinctive Havaianas logo.

Refreshing, stylish, and artistically crafted for all proud and fashionable Filipino Havaianaticos, this year’s Limited Edition 2011 Havaianas Filipinas Collection has in stores last June 12, 2011.

Get your hands on all 3 designs of the Limited Edition 2011 Havaianas Filipinas Collection, available in All Flip-Flops, Celio, Complex, Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall, Gas, KidSports, Manila Polo Club, Moana, ROX, Rustans, Stoked, Tick Tock Flip Flop NAIA Terminal 3, and Urban Athletics. For provincial outlets, visit

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April 21, 2011 @ 9:00 am

Purse as Necklace?

Bags and purses are considered a girls necessity to carry her kikay stuff and other personal valuables. Purses are believed to be a part of a whole outfit but what if our small bags are now being used as accessories, necklace perhaps?

Here’s a sample of a necklace purse from Spring/Summer 2011 Berska brand. For someone like me who has slight scoliosis, I don’t think I can wear such thing. What do you think?

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