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Paano Banggitin ang Givenchy?

July 2, 2010 @ 12:00 am | Categories brands, tips & suggestions

Magka-aminan na, sino sa inyo ang nagkakamali sa pag-pronounce ng mga designer names na mahirap ispellingin? Sa pagkakatanda ko, tinatawag kong Fen-Dai ang FENDI dati. Wahaha. Sa kagustuhan kong artehan ang pagtawag dito ay naging fail pa pala. Dont worry because even foreigners commit the same mistakes especially that we have different accents and reading methods. But just an FYI, here are some brands that are usually pronounced mistakenly and their right pronunciations:

  • Givenchy Jee-Vahn-Shee not Gee-Ven-Chee
  • Hermes Er-Mes and not Her-Mey or Her-Mes
  • Christian Louboutin thats Christian Loo-Vhoo-Tan at hindi Loo-Boo-Teen, ang bantot pakinggan kung ganyan.
  • Shu Eumura Shoo Ooy-Moo-Ra
  • Yves Saint Laurent isa pa to, lagi akong nagkakamali dito pero ang tama daw ay Eev-Sahnt-Lo-Ran
  • Christian Lacroix pronounced as Christian Lak-Wa as in like Lakwatya.
  • Margiela Mar-Zhey-La
  • Emilio Pucci it should be Poo-Chee not Poo-ki or Poo-see, if not pronounced right, magtutunog bastos. Lol.
  • Moschino - Mos-Kee-No and not Mo-Shee-No
  • Herve Leger - Er-Veh Ley-Jehr with a soft R on Leger. Haha. That was hard.
  • Balmain Bahl-Mahn with a soft N.
  • Lanvin - Lon-Vahn with soft N but I actually pronounce it as Lan-Veen because people might not get what Im talking about.
  • Guerlain - Ger-Lahn

I spelled the syllables as easy as I could. There are should be more on the list pero yan ang mga laging nasasabi ng mali. As I mentioned, even though you read them right, pwede ring mali ka parin because of the accent lalo na kung French yung brand. But at least its not bad to correct yourself not as bad as my Fen-Dai. LOL.

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